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Knowing how to find, access, secure and analyse digital evidence properly is vital to the success of any court case. NYtech staff have over 70 years experience of correctly seizing, analysing, preparing and presenting evidence in court to the highest standards. So you can be sure the management of your case is in the best hands. Make sure NYtech is at the top of your list of digital forensic specialists.

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North Yorkshire’s digital evidence team did a professional job of the forensic report and evidence disc for our case. The evidence they provided was instrumental in convicting rogue traders who targeted elderly vulnerable victims. Throughout their involvement they were extremely helpful and knowledgeable and were able to explain any technical matters in straightforward layman’s terms

West Yorkshire Trading Standards

The weight of electronic evidence the digital evidence team uncovered helped us convince some rogue traders to comply with the law, avoiding a costly conspiracy to defraud trial. And it also resulted in an elderly consumer receiving a £28k refund.

Hartlepool Trading Standards

The two mobile phones the digital evidence team examined helped us secure an important prosecution. I was very happy with the service I received and the evidence package supplied.

Durham Trading standards