You can lose valuable information from Hard drives and other storage media for a number of reasons, and devices can fail at any time. 

But if it is possible to get data from a damaged device, NYtech will have an expert who can get it for you. Whether it be a hard drive in a server, a PC, a Mac or an external disk drive, or if it is data on a memory card, USB Drive, CCTV, CD/DVD, or on a mobile phones: if it is possible to recover it, let NYtech do it for you.

NYtech approaches data recovery in a structured and methodical way:

First one of our data recovery specialists will talk to you about your problem device, and will and tell you how to send it to our data recovery lab at NYtech.

Then once in our lab, a specialist will assess and examine your device to see if it can be recovered either partilally, completely or not at all. If we can recover all or some of the data from it, we will quote for recovery before we begin work on your behalf.

Next we will try to recover your data using the right tools and techniques.

Finally on successfully recovering your data, we will encrypt it and back-up it up to multiple storage devices, and send it back to you.

Whatever the job, big or small, we are happy to help.