Secure, cost effective, evidence hosting for a fraction of the price of many larger commercial evidence services

NYtech's secure evidence hosting service gives cost effective access to everything relevant to your case, either from evidence you supply or that we have seized for you. 

Either way once it is safely on our servers, you or anyone you choose can view it wherever or whenever you want. You can access it through a web browser on an internet connected device. Not only is your evidence safe on our servers, but because we are backed by a local authority, we work under strict governance, ensuring confidentiality. So you can rest assured your evidence is in safe hands.

As well as tagging your evidence in meaningful ways, you can simultaneously search it. This not only saves time when preparing your case but improves presentation and forensic reporting. 

NYtech's evidence hosting service is open to lawyers on both sides of criminal and civil cases.

To find out how NYtech's evidence hosting service can help your case management, call 01609 534800.