Experienced, expert mobile device examination

Mobile phone and tablet forensics

Mobile phones have arguably overtaken computers in terms of importance in people’s lives.  Increased performance and a low starting price have turned them into a ubiquitous item, whilst the volume and diverse range of apps available mean that people can, and do, use their smartphones for almost anything.

So as we use our smartphones for more and more of our lives, we store more and more data on them, increasing their importance to investigators.

Using industry leading tools and techniques, our trained Digital Forensic Analysts can preserve, extract, and analyse data from a wide range of mobile phones and tablet computers; this includes deleted data and data from locked devices.

What types of files might the examination recover?

As you might expect, with the vast range of apps available for smartphones, the range of data that our analysts can recover is equally vast, but can include:

  • Call logs
  • Contact details, including names, numbers, and social media details
  • Text messages (SMS)
  • Multi-media messages (MMS)
  • Chat data (eg. WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, Facebook)
  • E-mail
  • Documents
  • Web-browsing history
  • Web bookmarks
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Voicemail
  • Location data
  • Photographs

Presenting the results of your examination

As with our computer examinations, the results of our phone and tablet examinations can be presented to you in one of two ways; either as a preview, or through our online platform. 

Evidence preview

For our evidence preview service, our Digital Forensics’ Analysts sift the data on each phone or tablet, removing standard files and leaving you with evidentially valuable, user-generated content for you to view on a menu-driven DVD or USB device; all our previews are encrypted, in order to meet the requirements of GDPR.

This filtered approach reduces investigation overheads through expert sifting of data, allowing investigators to focus on the remaining, pertinent data, without being side-tracked by the huge volume of files that are present on phones and tablets by default, as well as those installed by apps.

Investigators who are interested in chat messages and location data are likely to find an evidence preview of particular interest, due to the way that chats are threaded together and location data is presented.

Online NUIX platform

If the evidence preview option isn’t quite right for you, perhaps in cases where there are a large number of exhibits, or possibly a number of investigators who all need access to the same pot of evidence at once, then NYtech’s online NUIX web-review option may be for you.

By using our NUIX online platform, forensic data can be made available for you to view, securely, at any time, through a web-browser.  Multiple investigators can work on a case simultaneously, with the system giving access to all the files on each exhibit and allowing searches for keywords and phrases to be carried out; items of note can be “tagged” for later recollection and use as evidence.

Access to our NUIX online platform is provided in an initial four week block, which includes the physical examination and forensic imaging of each computer, and a user guide is provided to get you up and running.  Additional access is available in four week blocks, at a fixed cost, whilst on-site training is also available, if required, at extra cost.


We’re more than happy to chat if you have any questions; our contact page has all the details.